Kevin is an avid learner and practitioner of a variety of fields:

  • Mechanical Engineering UTS (2011)

  • Sydney Genesis Entrepreneurship Program - Top 5 finalist (2012)

  • Founded WTFad Print studio (2012)

  • Taekwondo and Chinese Kung Fu 2nd degree black belt (hand form and weaponry)

  • ISKA Martial Arts Tournament 1st place (2013)

  • GPC Powerlifting Sydney cup 1st place (2014)

  • GPC Power lifting Nationals Top 4 (2014)

  • Co-Founded Brewristas - Featured on Huffington Post UK, DailyMail UK, BuzzFeed, SMH and The Daily Telegraph (2014)

  • Tony Robbins UPW (Sydney, 2015)

  • Tony Robbins DWD (Gold Coast, 2016)

  • ASCA National Brewers competition Top 8 (2016)

  • Dr Nic Lucas (Neuroscience) Massive Impact Masterclass (Sydney, 2016)

  • Tom Chi (Co-founder of Google X) Rapid Prototyping Course (2016)

  • A-Fest: Biohacking Retreat (Greece, 2016)

  • Tony Robbins BM Advanced (Amsterdam, 2017)

  • Co-founded Savant Roasting Company (2017)

  • Speaker at Specialite Events: Achievers Talk (2017)

  • The Coaching Room (NLP) Spiritual class (Sydney, 2017)

  • Wim Hof Fundamentals course (2017)

  • Founded BBB Project (2017)

  • Speaker at Macquarie University Incubator Program (2018)

  • Science and spirituality retreat with Greg Braden, Joe Dispenza and Bruce Lipton (Canada, 2018)

  • Board member of Strangelove Investments (2019)

  • Founded Beyond Meditations (2019)

  • KBB 2.0 Course by Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi (2020)

  • Singularity U, Abundance Digital (2020)

  • Kevin Ly Social Podcast (2020)

  • Co-founded The Mayflower Sydney (2020)

  • Created the KEPLY Business Course (2020)

Board member of Strangelove Investments

A syndicate of 15 Australian millennials who provide early stage technology companies with strategic capital. We make investments where our backgrounds offer exceptional value through relationships, customers, and insights. Our team consists of founders, CEOs, growth marketing experts, management consultants, investment bankers, venture capitalists and lawyers.

Founder of Beyond Meditations


People live in their own day to day realities, caught up in the chaos of work, relationships and challenges. It is way too easy to be swept up in the thick of it and forget or neglect our mind/emotional well being. We hope to help people develop a new practice that will expand their models of reality and awareness.

This is achieved from shifting peoples states by changing ones biochemistry through conscious movement, active breath work, mind and emotion from guided practices. As a collective group and community, the space allows everyone to safely and comfortably drop into deep states of meditative experiences.

This meta practice is a specially curated one, combining areas of Upa Yoga, Wim Hof Method, Oxygen Advantage by Patrick McKeown, Heartmath Intelligence and Dr Joe Dispenza.

Co-Founder of The Mayflower

A rebrand from Brewristas, The Mayflower is a luxe eatery located in the heart of Darlinghurst, where you instantly feel the heritage of the Sydney building.  Collaborating with many recognised Australian Artists, Designers and Florists, brought to life the Mayflower's history that once was an Art Deco Florist in the 1990's.

The Mayflower has since been featured on Sydney Morning Herald, Broadsheet, Concrete Playground, Vogue Lifestyle, Studio 10, Qantas Travel Insider, Hospitality Magazine and more.

Creator of the KEPLY Business Course

A four week program that focuses on three pain points of entrepreneurship:

1. Having a great business idea but not sure where to start.

2. Already started the business but has hit a plateau and not sure what to do and continually expand the business.

3. Feeling lonely in the entrepreneurship space, lack of connection, low motivation and accountability.

The course teaches a framework to rapidly reinterpret mistakes and failures to accelerate your business.  Also providing a private group to keep connected and accountable.

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