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We teach a rapid ideation process for innovators to accelerate creation of new businesses ideas. There are 4 components to our process:

Modelling, Materialising, Monitoring and Modifying.


The course is taught over 4 weeks. Each week there is 2 online Zoom sessions: At the beginning of the week (Lesson) and end of week (Q&A).


Learn to rapidly model whether it's a physical, digital, service or interactive base product.


Taking your model to "market". Making it real and testing with actual people.


Find out different ways to monitor for data, learn how to go deeper and interpret.


Make use of all the hard work you have made to reiterate and make it even better!


When you start the course you become apart of our private facebook community.  There you can share your work and ask for ideas or suggestions from previous members.  After you finish the course you become apart of the facebook alumni group for life.

Like minded individuals who have also learnt the same ideation process are able to share effective feedback that will be conducive to results, as you will come to learn not all feedback is equal.

If you are based in Sydney, the KEPLY Community holds monthly social events to connect, share and collaborate.

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