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#002 Stuart Cook on Plant based with Flave, Future of Hospitality and Productivity Tools

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In 2015, after six years, Stuart Cook stepped down from his role as the CEO of Zambrero – an International Quick Service Mexican restaurant chain. During his time as CEO, Stuart increased revenue from $1.1 million to over $75 million in sales and expanded the business into three countries.

Stuart, along with the founder, developed the Plate4Plate initiative: where every meal sold within a Zambrero restaurant, is matched by a meal donated to someone in need. As of December 2019, Plate4Plate provided over 35 million meals.

Stuart’s first investment was in 2011 with The Entourage, which has grown to become Australia’s largest entrepreneurship education company.

In 2020 Stuart co-founded Flave in Sydney Australia with a mission to make the freshest and tastiest 100% plant based meal subscription, delivered weekly to your door.

Notes from the show:

Productivity Coach:

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Fitstop Gym:

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Michael Jordan Documentary on Netflix

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