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#006 Jessca Gonzales - On all things Cybersecurity: past, present and future

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Jessca is a well-rounded, multi-faceted entrepreneur within technology, beauty, food, and self-help industry. Her immersion in public service, legal research, business development, marketing, and customer engagement across multiple sectors paved the way to her entrepreneurship. She takes her inspiration from living creatively, acts of kindness, authenticity, and challenges and problems that call for solutions. Her affinity to building great things from the ground up is traced back from her upbringing in the outskirts of Metro Manila which also birthed her complete regard for contribution towards the greater good.

Currently, Jessca works closely with IT executives to build strong Cyber Security Programs for their organizations through her company GenuineXs. GenuineXs is a Cybersecurity focused Solutions Provider/Integrator with a wide offering of Professional IT Services at the enterprise level in North America which Jessca co-founded in 2017. Jessca’s fascination with language, the mind, and living full brought her to co-create Mind Muscle, a self-help organization that utilizes the power of the mind through transformative exercises building a tribe of mentally fit warriors. In 2016, at a job interview after college, she was asked how she sees herself in five years, Jessca answered a CEO of her own company- she then was asked what kind of company to that she answered a beauty company. Jessca has fulfilled that in 2019 when she started Luho Skin, where she offers high-quality skincare products and supports local farmers in the Philippines while doing so.

During the quarantine and as an extension of her living full principle, she started Impact Superfoods, where she freshly bakes high protein granola bars made from high-quality superfood ingredients to fuel people's energy from nutrient-dense food. Undoubtedly, entrepreneurship brought her into uncharted territories and has expanded her way of living beyond borders and beyond fears. She believes that people are gifted with gifts uniquely of their own so she started Say Yes Podcast to take the entrepreneur out of people and help them build businesses that will last. Links: If you are an IT executive or an avid cyber security enthusiast and interested in learning more about what Jessca does, please send her an e-mail at

If you are interested in supporting her heavenly granola bars and want to give them a try: Skincare site: If you would like to be part of the Mind Muscle Tribe e-mail her at: Lastly, Check out her Say Yes Podcast!

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