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#016 Danielle Sabrina - on her Must hear Journey, Importance of PR and Branding Tips

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Danielle Sabrina is CEO of Tribe Builder Media, ranked #5 Best Entrepreneurial Company in America by Entrepreneur magazine. Named CIO's Female Entrepreneur to Follow, member of the Forbes Agency Council and Entrepreneur magazine’s expert PR contributor, Danielle started her career on Wall Street at just 19 years old becoming one of the youngest traders in the industry. After a successful corporate career, she went on to found her media agency.

Her agency’s successful campaigns through the years have not only gained the trust of many high-profile CEO’s, professional athletes and celebrities but also played an integral part in its client's achieving prestigious awards such as Inc 500, Forbes Next Billion-Dollar Startup, Entrepreneur 360 among other top-level recognition.

Additionally, she was named Female Entrepreneur of the Year and her work has also been featured in top-tier publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Inc. making her one of the most sought-after publicists and strategists in media.

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