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#020 Vaibhav Namburi - on Bootstrapping Startups, Future of AI and Expensive Lessons Learnt

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Vaibhav had started Five2One a web/app company in May 2017 with $500 and grew it to 7 figures and 10 team members in an impressive 11 months & 28 days. During this time they've been recognised as one of the best in Australia and have built 42 production grade applications for start ups and corporates. He's worked with The UN, PwC, NewsCorp, Carsguide, AutoTrader, IAG, WilliamHill, SocietyOne, Lumachain, UNSW and many other multi-(b)million dollar companies. He has taught at 2 software bootcamps on how to build quality software products in various technologies and authored 3 courses on Udemy that gained nearly ~35,000 students online. His spoken internationally and nationally at over 46 events from meetups to paid conferences. His currently building an array of products (,,,

You'll often find him on stage sharing advice and tips on bootstrapping a B2B business to talks on AI's position in the future, the best software development and product growth tactics. He's had the opportunity to mentor for world-class accelerators like Startmate, Antler UK, Incubate, UNSW Founders and Australia's largest VC fund Blackbird as a Giant.

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