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#037 Genady Knizhnik on improving your English with an AI Tutor

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Genady Knizhnik the co founder of has created a game-changing English Learning Platform, featuring a conversational Artificial Intelligent Tutor named Lilly!

LillyPad is the world’s first application to allow English learners the opportunity to read in four interactive ways while relying on Lilly to inform them when they mispronounce words. The users can correct themselves as well as look up the meaning, listen to, or translate any word into their native language. Moreover, Lilly acts as a personal English tutor who helps students to master their English language skills through a conversation.

In addition to the student-focused offering, the company caters to ESL teachers and English tutors through the “Lotus Suite” which provides the opportunity to manage a group of students, assign personalized reading material, test their knowledge, and track individual progress.

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