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#039 From saving homeless dogs in Cambodia to Meditation for prisoners with Elizabeth Novogratz

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Elizabeth Novogratz is the founder and president of Species Unite, a nonprofit media project to help people transition off of animal products. She was called at an early age to devote her life to elevating all animal life after witnessing inhumane animal agriculture and trade in the U.S. and abroad. After a decade of travel into places most of us could not, she founded Species Unite: a nonprofit that brings the brightest people and best non-animal products together on one curated media platform.

Elizabeth is also the co-founder of Maloka, a virtual reality meditation game that's bringing mindfulness to the metaverse. In an earlier life, she spent over a decade creating and propagating content to help people make healthier lifestyle choices. She co-founded and served as editor in chief of the Well Daily, a website and daily email that brought wellness, meditation, and health to humans everywhere. She co-authored, Wall Street Journal book of the month, Just Sit, A Meditation Guidebook for Those Who Know They Should but Don’t. As a writer, producer, founder, and creative, Elizabeth is committed to changing the story for animals.

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