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#040 Power of Microbes, Precision Fermentation and Climate Alarmism with David Bucca

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For the first 13 years of his career, David worked in the aerospace industry for Boeing, Airbus and Pilatus Aircraft, covering a variety of technical and leadership roles in engineering, manufacturing, and quality assurance. Following a career change motivated by his passion for more sustainable and innovative food systems, David left Boeing and became COO of Hemple, an Australian hemp foods startup, and subsequently the APAC Regional Manager for Hungry Planet, a U.S. premium plant based meat company. In mid-2019, he founded Change Foods which is recreating dairy products using microbial biotechnology, and whose mission is to develop sustainable, healthier, and more ethical food supplies for the future. He is a graduate of Melbourne Business School in Business Administration, and holds bachelor’s degrees in Aerospace Engineering and Applied Science from RMIT University, as well as a Commercial Pilot Licence for aircraft.

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