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#43 From Nurse to Sales Ethos. Selling Ethically with Empathy and Persuasion with Ben Lai.

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Starting his career as a nurse, when Ben transitioned into sales, he brought his ethics, care factor, and scientific thinking into the profession. It was there that Ben learned how to overcome his introversion to sell effectively.

Sales Ethos is based in Melbourne and serves clients Australia-wide. They have served clients in a wide variety of industries including medical, manufacturing, education, finance, and non-profit.

In this episode Ben shares some of his insights about:

* how to charge what you're worth
 * selling for non-salespeople
 * how to improve the world one sale at a time
 * understanding why entrepreneurs undercharge for their services
 * a new, ethical way of looking at money, business, and selling
 * how to overcome self-limiting beliefs and impostor syndrome in business
 * the key factors that determine how much you can charge
 * the psychology of money and pricing

Links and Notes:

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