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#48 Another Year Wiser: Personal and Business Growth Over the Past Year

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I'm excited to share my latest podcast episode - a yearly tradition catching up with my friend Daniel Narvaez on business, personal growth, and our outlook for the future.

It's hard to believe it's been 3 years already since we started this annual reflection! ⏳🤯

In this wide-ranging chat, we discuss:

  • Handling the ongoing pandemic fallout in our businesses

  • The rapid rise of AI and how it's changing workflows

  • The importance of focusing on efficiency and better use of time

  • Setting healthy boundaries as an entrepreneur

  • Unwinding and self-care habits

  • What new directions we see unfolding in the year ahead

Daniel is always enlightening, whether it's insights on crafting a better customer experience or the simple pleasure of a good martini 🍸 His perspectives as an entrepreneur resonate with my own journey.

I'm grateful for another year of friendship and mutual growth with him. I appreciate Daniel taking time out of his demanding schedule to have these valuable conversations.

Take a listen to Episode 48 and let me know your key takeaways! What stood out to you from our reflections? What are you focusing on in your own life and business journey this year?

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